My name is Harry, I currently work for the Aer Lingus Digital Team as the UI Team Lead.


My background is in Computer Science. I studied in the University of Limerick. There I specialised in Software Engineering. While I covered a lot of different topics, Development was definitely my favourite. Prior to attending University I loved computers as a kid, be it playing games or just simply tinkering with them, figuring out how they work. From a very young age I was hooked, so I'm delighted I can spend every day doing what I enjoy.


I have 9 years of professional development experience, in a variety of company types and industries. I have an additional 5 years experience in freelance development. During that time I have experimented with a lot of programming languages, frameworks, libraries etc. The core of what I do now is JavaScript. Which is odd, in that I originally studied it as an aside to a module about Document Architecture, specifically relating to XML.

Core Skills

Programming / Scripting / Data Structures: JavaScript (AngularJS, JSON, jQuery), HTML5, CSS/3 (Sass, Less), XML, COBOL, C#, VB 6, Classic ASP, C++, Java

Version Control: Git, Subversion

Content Management Systems: Drupal, WordPress, TERMINALFOUR Site Manager, Umbraco, Expression Engine

Special Interest: Content Management Systems, Web Design, Web Accessibility, User Experience (UX) Development.

Databases: MySQL 4/5, Oracle 8/9/10g/11g, Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000/2005

Operating Systems: Windows, Various Linux/Unix Distributions, including Debian based i.e. Ubuntu & Linux Mint, Red Hat Enterprise (3,4,5), Sun Solaris, SuSE and Mac OSX

(above is listed in order of familiarity, with most knowledgeable first)

Some nice things people have said about me

I have worked closely with many IT professionals throughout my digital career and Harry stands out as being one of the best.

Michelle Sheehan, Digital Marketing Manager, 123.ie (from my LinkedIn)

A skilled web developer with a solid body of experience. Hard working and dedicated to a fault, Harry is also highly approachable and helpful.

Diarmuid Power, Senior Software Engineer, TERMINALFOUR (also from my LinkedIn)

To see some of projects I have been involved in, check out the Work section.