Another First Post

I do this, again and again. I re-design my site, I create a blog element to it. I make grandiose plans in my head about features and articles I would add to this blog, and then I never do anything. Until the next re-design, and the cycle repeats.

I've switched from using Wordpress to treating this site like a webapp. Ultimately I'm using Git to store all the code.

I use the following technologies, only as I'm fairly comfortable with them;

  • NodeJS
  • GruntJS
  • AngularJS
  • Jade (now Pug, haven't had a chance to update yet)
  • Sass
  • Some PHP

My long term goal is to trial new technologies, write about them, along with writing about numerous other topics I'm interested in.

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About the author

My name is Harry. I'm a Front-end Web Developer for Aer Lingus. I like to mess around with code in my spare time and I occasionally try to write about it. I like a lot of other things away from the Internet and work, like coffee, books, TV, Movies to name but a few.